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Friday, March 05, 2010

It's only genocide if American politicians say it is

So it's NOT genocide if it is inconvenient or harmful to Americas political allies.
It seems it is only genocide if it's politically expedient and furthers America 's corporational agenda.
The Obama administration "worked very hard" according to Hillary Clinton to prevent a congressional panel from approving a resolution that states the World War 1 killing of Armenians by the Turks" was genocide.
The government of Turkey voiced strong protests after the vote then pulled it's Ambassador from Washington in what amounts to a political bratfit over what is viewed by many as the truth.
It seems truth is not appreciated by the Obama administration, or for that matter by Turkey....
(I know ,I know... who would have ever imagined such a thing right?)
here are a few facts of the matter:

From the BBC article:

"Turkey is a major partner in US efforts to stabilise Afghanistan and Iraq, and lies on a key route taking oil and natural gas to Western markets. "
During his campaign for the 2008 election, Mr Obama promised to brand the mass killings genocide.
Mrs Clinton has acknowledged Obamas administration's change of opinion on the issue, saying circumstances had "changed in very significant ways".

This was real important right up to the time it became politically inconvenient to keep your word Obama.
And people really believe every word they tell us as a gospel????? honey puleeease....

So if a key ally has done horrible human atrocities in the past you just look the other way,walk on eggshells around them, and pretend there is not an elephant in the living room????

Well I for one am not even close to being surprised. I mean look at how the past governments have treated the Native Americans. That was "by (the Webster definition of the word) genocide.
Oh I forgot, it's only genocide if an American authoritah says it is....
God knows we don't want to piss off those who have the ability to stop some corporations from making a profit over there.
I mean it's not like we need to have jobs at home, here in America with Green fuels or anything like that!
the whole BBC article

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