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Friday, May 07, 2010

Stephen Hawkins says Time Travel a Real Possibility

According to Stephen Hawkings all you have to do to understand Time travel theory is learn how to look at time the way physicists do --in four dimensions.

The Cherokee say there are seven directions ..
North South East West Up Down and where you are.
So for Native People this concept of Fourth Dimensional thinking should not be difficult.

According To Stephen Hawkings the fourth Dimension is "The length in time"

To see how this might be possible, we need to look at time as physicists do - at the fourth dimension. It's not as hard as it sounds. Every attentive schoolchild knows that all physical objects, even me in my chair, exist in three dimensions. Everything has a width and a height and a length.
But there is another kind of length, a length in time. While a human may survive for 80 years, the stones at Stonehenge, for instance, have stood around for thousands of years. And the solar system will last for billions of years. Everything has a length in time as well as space. Travelling in time means travelling through this fourth dimension."

Hawkings goes on to state that travel backwards in time is most likely impossible and then gives examples as to why the universe would most likely prevent that as a option.
"Time travel into the future is possible and could be done" states Hawkings.
So Hawkings concept is that if we could expand a wormhole we should be able to time travel into the future.

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