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Thursday, June 17, 2010

We are all TRUTHERS in America of tyranny,home of Despots

Written By FaithRMichaels
America of tyranny,home of Despots
All across America right now..innocent people who love this country are being targeted and jailed for what they believe in. This is happening in Arizona, in Mississippi,California and many other places in the once upon a time land of the free,home of the brave.
Those of us who are fighting the huge erosion of our freedoms since 9/11 in whatever way we can, are being targeted by those in control and punished ,charged and jailed,for "looking" and "thinking" in a way government does not approve of.
If you are standing for social justice regarding ANY matter whatsoever that is not government can be labeled a terrorist for LOOKING like you disagree with the status quo.
So we all; no matter what our causes are, should be holding hands metaphorically and come together as one force, under one theme. That theme is truth,nothing but the truth so help us God!

If your cause is about the government stealing children ,or the laws about mountaintop removal by corporations,or environment,whaling,anti-war,veterans rights,political,prisoners,Native American issues,immigration,spiritual,awakening,healing, Constitutional,9/11 truth,civil rights, or whatever I forgot to mention,then your cause is the same as mine.
We are all looking for the Truth regarding, and we all have the same entity to petition regarding pursuing justice here in America and that entity is the government,who is anti-truth and makes policies that are anti-life.
Since 9/11 our government has removed our civil rights and ANYONE who disagrees with a particular policy of the government can be branded a terrorist...
Yes that means YOU.
case in point below from

WeAreChange LA Organizer Faces Terrorism Charge

WeAreChangeLA’s lead organizer Bruno Bruhwiler is being targeted as a terrorist threat.
It all began when Bruno was sitting in the audience at a civil hearing for another WACLA member.
The Judge literally did not like Bruno’s involuntary facial expressions, and ordered him out of the courtroom.
He was detained in the hall after asking to see the officers’ ID cards before he left the building. They are required according to their own manual to provide ID upon request, but apparently don’t like to be asked for it.
When the supervising officer ordered Bruno to turn around and put his hands behind his back, Bruno instantly turned around and put his hands behind his back with absolutely no resistance. At first he was supposedly being detained for trespassing (which is a misdemeanor) but of course, you can’t trespass on public property so then they dropped trespassing and told him he was being detained for a public disturbance.
About an hour later, when the supervisor actually placed Bruno under arrest, the original charge was changed to misdemeanor contempt of court.
None of the witnesses present heard the judge mention anything about contempt when asking him to leave.
Two felony resisting arrest charges were then tacked on, which means Bruno is charged with physically resisting the officers – twice? - though witnesses observed that Bruno did not ever resist the officers.
The arresting supervising officer claimed that Bruno threatened to assassinate him, then the same officer ordered an underling to back up his claim as a false witness and charged Bruno with making a “terrorist” threat.
After 911, legislation was passed making it very easy to charge ordinary citizens as “terrorists” for almost any reason.
They are calling him a potential cop killer.
We are talking about Bruno, a man who raises money for 9/11 First Responders and the Fealgood Foundation. He’s also a member of So Cal Oath Keepers and the initiator of “Talk to a cop Wednesdays,” an outreach effort to befriend and educate law enforcement throughout Los Angeles.
We are talking about a man committed to non-violent change, peace and social justice. Yes THAT Bruno.
While in custody, at another location for incarceration, Bruno was asked by an officer if he was the lead organizer of WeAreChangeLA, and the officer asked with a snide tone if Bruno had a website, with other officers looking on.
Either they did some quick research on him or they recognized Bruno from some other way, but they knew he was the lead organizer of WeAreChangeLA.
The mention of WeAreChangeLA made it abundantly clear that Bruno is being targeted for who he is.
This is about all of us. This is about freedom.
The struggle for Bruno’s freedom is a microcosm of what is happening all across the United States. We cannot allow WeAreChange leaders to be labeled and targeted as terrorists. It can easily be ascertained that Bruno is being railroaded through procedures.
Friends of Bruno and the WeAreChange family are literally spending their life savings fighting in Bruno’s defense.
We know this is a total inconvenience for all of us, but Bruno and WeAreChangeLA are out there in the streets in a big way every chance they can to help make people aware of all the lies and injustices that are being used to steal our rights, our freedoms, and our future, including the biggest lie of them all, the official story of 9-11.
We don’t intend to ever stop reaching out, so please help us defend liberty and freedom by donating ANY amount you can spare. It’s easy, just go to and click “CHIP-IN” at the top of the page.
Our site has also recently been hacked multiple times but the “CHIP-IN” is still functional. Luckily we have devoted 9-11 Truth web experts working diligently to keep the website clean and up and running. Please step up. This is a very serious, and we need your help! We have strength in numbers. Let’s make our presence known. Thank you so much and love to you all.

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