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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Desoto County Ms. Sheriffs have taught my children

Written By FaithRMichaels

Apparently it is difficult to find good police officers these days.
They swore an oath to serve and protect when they put on that badge.
However it seems that nowadays that oath is only empty words.
While I have met some very fine officers in the Desoto County Sheriff department,lately they have been few and far between and unfortunately what they do is ruined by the reputations of the ones who like to act like thugs with a badge.

Desoto County Mississippi used to be a wonderful place to live.
Especially the Ingrams Mills area.
Quaint homey,and good caring neighbors.
My children have lived there all their lives.
Recently in the last few years we got ourselves a new sheriff and shortly thereafter new deputy sheriffs started showing up on patrol.

Since Desoto County has gotten a new sheriff here is what my children have learned about the sheriff department.

They have learned that calling the police if your life is threatened or a person tries to run you down with their car is a bad idea..because if the sheriffs are friends with the offending party,or simply do not like you personally, you will not be listened to and they will threaten to carry the person who called 911 to jail for reacting in a angry fashion and chunking a rock at the vehicle that tried to run over see it appears to be Ok to be a helpless victim , just not Ok to protect yourself or respond defensively ,aggressively to the person offending,or threatening,cussing at you , while the person who instigated the aggression is not even questioned and their "friend" who attempted vehicular homicide drives away.

My children have learned that if you are a minister of a church and friends with the police and the minister does not like you because he thought you were worthless and had done things he did not approve of then you will be cast out,unforgiven, on a frame up from someone who had much to gain,and then hounded unmercilessly by the Cops for acting out in rage and kinda crazy especially right after your Mother just died..

They found out that if you are a minister that is very famous for doing "good deeds" that you do not have to follow your religious beliefs regarding forgiveness that a minster can hate just like anyone else.
My children have found out that the police will set you up and make threats to "take you out in the woods" when you turn 18.

They have found out that a police officer can cuss you,arrest you hit you,and do any thing they want and it will all be swept under the rug.

They have found out that the sheriffs will target your car, claim they are suspicianing you for drugs then pull you over everytime they see that car. they have found out that you can get arrested, charges dismissed in court, pulled out of the car because someone reconised your name ,threatened... Just because the cops have told you they are going to get you.

They also found out that you can be framed,by the police...

They found out that people who do not like you can drive by your house ,calling you names,your deceased mother names,assault you till you act crazy because you cannot take anymore and when the police are called you not the instigator will go to jail.
(He cussed them back and told them if they want some come get some in front of the police ..I know... bad choice on his part)

They have found out that they can be a witness to an assault in another county but go to jail in their county for the assault they witnessed. (assault was caught on tape and store manager stated it was not them) But you can be arrested anyway (by the same group of cops that have threatened them prior..)My children have learned that four squad cars will drive through their fathers yard, past an officer in the driveway taking a report( from someones Mother who had stuff stolen out of her vehicle by the same person who was verbally assaulting someone in the stores parking lot and got assaulted physically back from a store patron .) Watch the officers tear up their fathers yard and then watch a family member get carried off to jail because the person assualted said they did the assualting when many witnesses and the tapes in the store in another neighboring county, and the store owner, say otherwise.
(Rumor in the street is that these officers have been seen taking money from the person whose son is doing and instigating all the harassing.)

Now it's NOT my children this is happening to directly but their cousins and the father of my grandchild.

My children have watched and have learned that you can go to jail on a trumped up charge, be set free,no charges filed and 6 months later have the sheriffs call up a domestic violence charge and have you appear in juvenile court on charges that were never filed originally because someone in the family started calling for an investigation into the corruption that appears to be present there among a clique of the sheriffs .
( I have complained to the sheriff and he said he would look into it,I also have spoken to internal affairs but that was some time back and now it still goes on although some of the police have been reprimanded but those officers still work as far as i know and their cop buds havn't been to happy regarding the reprimand)

My children have learned that if you are a Congressperson ,the president,or a senator ,or have money ,belong to a government favored corporation,or are friends with the local government elite, then the laws of this country and this state do not apply to you.

They only apply to you if you are poor,are a person of color have a "mixed racial family",come from a dysfunctional home,or have an addiction problems,have anger issues from said such dysfunctional homes...THEN the police are all concerned about laws.

My children have learned that people who profess to be "good Christians "are the FIRST ones to hang you out to dry because of the clothes you wear,the music you listen to or who chooses to come by your house.

These teens I am talking about have made some bad life choices. They have anger issues from real life situations. But they have often gone to work,listened often and I have seen them work hard to stay out of trouble often walking away from the instigaters. They have helped out and worked hard around the house but are virtually prisoners in their own home.
They cannot leave the house ,walk down to the mailbox,go to the store,ect without being accousted,and harrased either by the police or the neighborhood thugs.
Now as a rule these kids don't whine or blame others for their problems.
If they have done something wrong they say to me I was wrong and then I watch them struggle and try to correct it, changing their pattern of behavior a little at a time.

I have watched them work hard to change their lives, change their behavior, only to be harassed,intimidated,and poked at like a person would tease a dog by poking sticks at it in the fence untill finnaly harrassed beyond endurance the dog attacks...Well people are like that to harass a person beyond any human endurance and they act out badly and then people say..OH look at that I told you that boy was no good.

It never fails right after these teens have these experiences with the cops then these teens immediately go right back downhill...They revert to anger and acting out.

So I am charging in this article that the Deputy sheriffs of Desoto county are creating criminals. they are making criminals out of teenagers ,because the cops are seemingly prejudiced,and have shown me and others that the only difference between these cops and criminals is one has a badge and an official OK to behave like a thug and others do not .

These teens feel why should they even one will believe them . Are they just innocent victims ,no not exactly, they have indeed made many poor choices in the past and often acted badly...but now it seems they cannot change their lives even when they desperatly want to and try to. Their main complaint and question is this...How is it OK for others to aggress them, to act just as badly as they are being accused of and get away with it while they are targeted,harassed and arrested on their own property by the very people who are sworn to protect them and serve. While the ones who have threatened to kill them,burn down the house and shoot them ,(in front of many witnesses and these witnesses have told the cops this ) walk free?
In complete sarcasm I say....
Thank You SOOOO very much Desoto County Mississippi sheriffs department and my USA government for setting such FINE examples of Justice.. for ALL the world to see.

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