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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Missile Launch 11/09/2010

Written By FaithRMichaels
OK NORAD is clueless or said it was a plane....
Now I do not believe that for one second.
(nor does anyone else I might add...)
Norad would never lie would they????
(yes they would repeatedly and often)
Why or how come these missiles launched is being withheld and a complete media blackout regarding these events appears to be in place...
 Right now I do not have a clue as to what is going on... but here are a few links to the matter..
Rumors are flying of Possible missile launch in Phoenix, and Possible nuke "accident" in India

*UPDATE*Mysterious Missile Launched in Southern California and Possibly Phoenix, Pentagon CANNOT Confirm Who Fired It


I am waiting looking and researching...

so now after our Military saying they were clueless,
and then saying it was a plane, NOW they are saying they were playing with their missiles  ...just testing them..they said..
Didn't they know they were playing with them in the first place? 
Why Lie and claim it was a plane?
Why not just say... Hey! it was just a test?
Nobody in the Pentagon knew the Military were playing with their Missiles??????
Are they truly that incompetent in regards to knowing what is going on??? 
Is anyone buying this???
If you are buying this...I have some beachfront property in Utah I would like to sell you. 
My beloved says that he has some oceanfront property in Tennessee he wants to sell...Cheap...

1 comment:

  1. It looked exactly like a ballistic missile launch to me.

    The fuss over the test seemed to be engineered for political/propaganda reasons.

    Military advisors of foreign Governments would have reported that it was a US missile test.

    I guess it was designed to underline the fact that the US does have a heap of missiles and that other countries should not mess with it.

    -a dodgy stunt... reminding world leaders at the G20 that the US is still a "superpower" ??