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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Strange Weather,Birds falling from the sky,increase in Earthquakes in Arkansas and the NWO

Written By FaithRMichaels
This is a conversation that was going on on FaceBook regarding the Birds dropping from the sky.
This conversation naturally evolved into a broader discussion.

Shadow Scorpion by White Wolf V
‎"Thousands of birds and fish have mysteriously died in Arkansas. After the media offered ridiculous explanations for what happened, more birds died en masse in Louisiana. Then, hundreds of dead birds were found in Kentucky. They all died f...rom massive internal bleeding, blood clots and trauma. What is going on? Why did they die? Are people next?

Russian intelligence claims that this was part of a weapons experiment using ELF or microwave pulses. They claim that the former White House staff person whose body was found in a garbage dump in Delaware was murdered because he was going to expose this. Of course the military and Central Government has this technology, the technology to target specific human frequencies to utilize weaponry on.

Well, the US has been testing such weapons for decades. It does not make sense that they would suddenly target fish and birds in an area as target practice. They have better things to do. So, the Russian explanation does not hold a lot of value to me, though I do not discount it. More investigation needs to be done.

What does seem intriguing in this event is where it happened. All of the locations fall along the New Madrid fault line region. This area has been extremely active lately with over 500 quakes in Arkansas alone in the last few weeks. Tornadoes have also ravaged this region in unusual numbers for this time of year.

These activities seem to have intensified since the Gulf oil disaster. It is believed by many geologists that the New Madrid seismic zone is triggered by the hidden faults under the Gulf of Mexico. They think this zone has been weakened by the drilling and explosions. Therefore, all of this increased seismic movement is stressing all of the seismic zones east of the Rockies, including Oklahoma and the Northeastern regions.

It could be that the stressed fault line is releasing natural ELF pulses that have killed these animals. It could also be creating electrical fields that are attracting huge storms and tornadoes. We know the Gulf Stream is about gone and that is why colder weather pervades Europe and North America. It all points to the Gulf.

If this theory is true, then we can expect massive quakes and tsunamis in the Gulf at any time, with a major release of methane into the atmosphere. We can also expect huge quakes in the New Madrid seismic zone, as well as from Oklahoma to South Dakota. There may even be a large quake in South Carolina, New England and in the Canadian Maritimes. The St. Lawrence Seaway also needs to be closely checked.
my response:
On the quakes in Arkansas  they are pulling natural gas out and using salt water to do it...
see this:

Yes The Gulf is the focal point and if what U are saying is so...and it most likely is.... Combined together this is all goes to the law..
for every action their is an equal and opposite reaction....mankinds greed and what has been done since... was the action and Mother earths reaction is what we have going on now and folks it is not going to be better till we stand and say is Fnnnn ENOUGH! we do not require anyone to tell us for certain what is going on..we can see the effects...whatever it is exactly is not important..Just because it is a" natural" happening does not mean it was not caused by man's stupidity.

Really the people who will argue back and forth over this just stop progress.
The only real way to really find out is just to stop the crap and then see if thats the problem..
Newtons law will rule.
The stupidity of those who want to have a NWO is astonishing in it's arrogance and scope of ignorance.
Their insane..demi God dream is a nightmare that will kill them as well.
For if in their dumbness they think they can circumvent the natural laws of this universe and or rule them in some way for their benefit..they have another think coming.... because that concept is ludicrous in it's insanity.
The funny part is that in order for them to really have what they want they have to give up what they are want and are doing and come into harmony...
They want power??? over the Earth???
Those who need power will never have it
and those who do not need it have it always.
They will destroy us all if we let them... trying to achieve an imbecilic dream they have due to extreme paranoia. They are pyscho control freaks reacting from fear.

Central shadow government...AKA the Military... have been trying to control the weather for decades..
see this from George Washingtons Blog
all that has happened because of this is disastrous.
and then there is HAARP.. Run by the AirForce....what happens if the ELF waves of HAARP just "accidentally" at the same time.... coincide with Natural Earth ELF waves...

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