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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another F'NNNN oil spill in the Gulf !

Written By FaithRMichaels
Another F'nn oil spill in the Gulf!
One more environmental mess from our off shore oil rigs.
Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners is the offender this time.
Well there goes the just getting started recovering ,fishing industry in La. AGAIN!

Lets hope that this time they use something other than Corexit to clean it up with!
Lets ask them to be environmentally responsible this time and not
compound the problem!
Phone # to call company and speak ur piece

Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners reported their "surprise" that their "out of use" oil well sprung a "minor' leak.
Anglo-Suisse Offshore Partners said in a report that the leak only let loose 5 gallons of Crude.
(Wow that is an amazing oil if "5 gallons of crude" caused an approximate 100 mile oil slick)
It is said they have plugged the leaking well. We shall see.

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