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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

60 Minutes prove that Congress and Washington is legally morally corrupt

Written By FaithRMichaels
60 minutes  let the world know that members of Congress and Senate practice Insider trading and that it is legal for them to do so!
That is such an  unbelievable egregious,immoral unethical,breach of trust, conflict of Interest, that I am going to say it again
Insider trading is LEGAL for Congress and Senators...and illegal for the rest of us.
Martha Stewart went to jail for Insider trading and so have a bunch of other folks.
Who knew all Martha had to do was get elected before she did her thing...then it would have been perfectly legal..Well we knew we couldn't trust them...The old joke "how do you know when a politician is lying : his/her lips are moving" is certainly true here.
It explains why someone would spend millions to  get a job that only pays 175,000 a yr.
Oh and please do watch the CBS 60 Minutes vid..then please share this far and wide....Say...I wonder... is this "legal Insider trading some form of treason? At the very least it most certainly definitely explains why the American government sleeps in the same bed as the Corporations and ignores the people...What were we the people thinking?? Oh yes that Congress and the Senate were elected by us to serve We The People.
Throw the bums out and write and yell and holler,and let the whole country..hell the whole world know WHY we are in the streets!This article says it all and here is just a sample taste..
"members of Congress have been using secrets that they have learned during the course of their duties to make huge amounts of money in the stock market.  If you can believe it, during the financial crisis of 2008 some members of Congress were making huge stock moves that would only pay off if the stock market crashed really hard at a time when they should have been focusing on creating legislation that would help the U.S. financial system survive.  It is hard not to feel sick after learning how low some of our "leaders" have stooped to enrich themselves. "


1 comment:

  1. Faith, you summed it all up in one sentence... "It explains why someone would spend millions to get a job that only pays 175,000 a yr."

    American Politico-Capitalism at its best.

    But, we only have ourselves to blame, we vote 'em in and we allow them to gain at our expense.

    There is a small crack in our: 'see no, hear no evil' blindness in the OWS protests. Let's hope that crack widens and ruptures in overhauling our lobby bidding political system.

    Pals Always,