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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Ellen Brown - Public Banking 2013: Funding the New Economy, June 2nd 2013

An excellent summation of public banking.

The people can loan (create) money to themselves (public banking) rather than get loans (created money) from a private bank. When you have control of a public bank then loans can be issued at lower rates and debt can be forgiven. Infrastructure can be built via bank profits plus from the created money (loans) from the bank. Debt can be written off if necessary.

The main danger is issuing too much money via loans that will cause inflation. With responsible control inflation can be held in check.

Public banks are a solution to the present bankster dominated status quo in which we all owe money to the privately controlled Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed loans all the money needed to the Government (the people) at interest. Every time the Fed conjures up money to pay for something, or buy bonds, any debt they impose on us must be repaid to them - with the interest. The Federal Reserve Bank bailouts are not charity. 

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