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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Decades of Rape Swept under the Rug and Ignored

They are two times as likely to be raped.. twice the national average. And for decades no one gave a damn. The statistics speak for themselves and are completely mind boggling: One out of six women across the racial board.

For Native women it's double that. It becomes one in three.

Until Obama signed the newer version of the Violence against women act tribal women had no recourse to see their abusers go to trial. If they were non-indian abusers.. it was tough shit.. for tribal law could not prosecute non-indians. And if it happened on a reservation it happened outside of any other police Jurisdiction... so it was open season on native women.. with no prosecution for the rapist..
Often the police are the abuser and not only in this country... Check this:

Many times in the past the provision that would have given the tribal courts the ability to prosecute non-indians for rape was struck down by the Republican Party in Congress and the Senate.. they did not want "non-indians", meaning white men, to be subject to tribal courts.

So white boys could rape Indian girls and the law wouldn't touch em..What kind of crap is that??

These are the self same politicians who swear they are good men and swear they love the people and will work hard for them.. Clearly they lie.

The United States government knew about it and not only did not give a damn... they, by their blatant refusal to give the Tribal courts the ability to bring the rapist to justice, clearly said they did not mind if Native women were raped beaten or killed. Then again I guess one can't expect much from those who long ago sold their soul for a dollar.

My disgust for the turning away of the Republican Party to the rape of women and children overflows to the extreme.

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