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Monday, April 27, 2015

Boston Marathon Bombings' Guilty Verdict Exposed as a Gross Travesty of Justice, Echoes of 9-11:

From Patricia Gracian:

Boston Marathon Bombings' Guilty Verdict Exposed as a Gross Travesty of Justice, Echoes of 9-11:

This is an excellent article bringing together many of the inconsistencies and mis-representations of the Boston Marathon Bombing atrocity that should have exonerated the brothers in a real court of law.

PLEASE send this to anyone who will listen, and to anyone who can possibly throw a legal wrench into these disastrous proceedings!

A young defenseless boy has been brutalized and converted in the public eye from a normal innocent admired student into a hated monster- treatment which he does not deserve, and is not equipped to deflect. I fear for his life and for his sanity. Even his lawyers are helping the Prosecution to doom him to a death penalty.

He needs a legal cavalry to save him from this ultra-controlled captivity- which appears to disallow ANY contact with those who really could help him defend himself. He is doomed in his current state of detention.


Two Year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Mass Casualty Drill that went live

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