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Monday, April 13, 2015

Save Whales and Dolphins From Reckless Navy Warfare Training

Have you heard about the planned Naval war exercises from Hawai'i to California?
The Navy will use missiles, underwater explosions, surface-to-air gunnery, missiles, and mid-frequency sonar... right in whale and dolphin habitat!
Times are already pretty tough for whales and dolphins. They swim in increasingly polluted waters, and many of their main food sources are being depleted by overfishing and changes in the ocean acidification and temperature.
Now the US Navy is planning to literally drop explosives and blast head-splitting sonar in key habitat for whales and dolphins.
The Navy and National Marine Fisheries Service estimates that, over the course of the Navy's plan, training and testing activities will cause nearly 9.6 million instances of harm to whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.
The sonar and explosives will include active sonar and explosives, which can cause these sonar-sensitive marine mammals to lose their way, beach themselves, or drown.
For the Wild Ones,
Chris   Chris B.
The Care2 Petitions Team

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