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Friday, June 26, 2015

The Atheist/Debunker Nexus


For some reason 99% of all "debunkers" happen to be outspoken atheists as well. In this series I try to give some answers as to why while attempting to expose the hypocrisy involved in saying you are a skeptic while eating up the official story.


I'm a non-believer too, but more importantly, I'm a skeptic. That means if somehow it could be proved God exists, then I would admit I was wrong and move on. It doesn't matter how much time I have invested into non-belief, if I'm wrong, I'm fucking wrong.

Being a skeptic is more important to me than any one issue. That being said, I have noticed that a lot of these atheist guys, when they veer off from religion and go into other areas, have serious issues.

One example is Lawrence Krauss. I love to hear him speak on science, though he can be dogmatic about even that; but I recently discovered that he is very political, specifically on the left. He doesn't use the same wonderful critical thinking he applies to his science when it comes to politics. A guy who is as smart as he doesn't see through the whole left-right fake paradigm?? 

Come on. It makes me think that he is some sort of provocateur, at worst, paid, and at best, with his own agenda. So I do see the inconsistencies with these people. A true skeptic has no sacred cows, and CERTAINLY should not be shutting down free speech with ridicule and personal incredulity. And please, PLEASE DO NOT  get your economics from Krauss either. He's an embarrassment. He should really stick to theoretical physics.

But there are countless examples like this. Michael Shermer is another phony- It's all coming out now, but I knew it long ago when I saw him on Donahue with David Cole. What a fucking lying POS, I thought... Now, I am being proved correct in my sentiments. You can probably still find my comment on that video expressing my disgust.

I have no loyalties to people simply because we agree on one issue, that of non-belief - If you're a fucking scammer, then fuck you. Intellectual dishonesty is detestable in an individual who touts him/herself as a seeker of truth.

Fucking despicable.

The reason these fuckers (doesn't apply to all, of course) won't indulge in any "conspiracy" talk is because while they tout themselves as free thinkers, really they are supplicants to authority. Think about it. they are used to trusting authority. The scientists claim the big bang did this or that, the atheists have no way to confirm the claims because they can't really understand physics at the crucial mathematical level and must therefore defer to the 'experts'.

They always defer to experts in matters of all kinds of science that they have neither the intelligence nor the means to corroborate claims. They MUST defer to the experts, yet they ridicule the religious for doing the same.

For the most part, religious people regurgitate what their doctrine says and atheists regurgitate what the 'experts' say; -and at the end of the day, neither side does as much thinking for themselves as they claim.


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