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Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Nations People Chief Harassed and Stalked by Police

Written By FaithRMichaels:
In the ongoing battle over Sovereign Nation rights to keep Big Oil and Gas off of their lands;
Police appear to have resorted to threats and stalking to intimidate The Chief of the Nation.
Below is an excerpt as it appeared on FaceBook.
My head chief was visited by police late evening Tuesday night. Wednesday morning he was followed in Smithers. He approached the police vehicle and told them, "this is harassment "
Police continue to harass my people.
We were also alerted that lot of Police in Smithers loading up on groceries in Smithers. Also tip that the police plan to come into Unistoten this week with 200 police. The state is backing industry and plans to remove us by force.
The other side claim this:
 They say their is no plan for take down. What is in store if Chevron tries to come through. They are only 2 KM from our check point. They do not have consent to enter Unistoten Territory. Trespass law should protect our rights. Yet they speak in keeping peace while industry does their job.
At this link you will find the Canadian police official line regarding this matter.
The official line is of peace respect and tolerance.
Well then its one of two things.. either that line is to pacify the public and a lie..or their are elements within the police force that are acting rogue..

So it seems to me that the oil and gas industry have bought the politicians and possibly a few police and those self same politician guys are up for re-election this year...
 Canadian government officials do not seem to me to care about whats legal..they by allowing this tension to continue.. appear to only care about what industry wants.
Besides that when have people and the law ever mattered when it came to profits?
Sadly I cannot recall a time.

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