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Thursday, February 04, 2016

CrossTalk on Syria: US - Russia Standoff

We are told the Syrian peace talks will proceed as scheduled. At the same time, Vice President Joe Biden says the U.S. is ready to impose a military solution in Syria. According to this American official, a political settlement is not essential. With this kind of loose rhetoric a U.S.-Russia conflict in Syria just became more likely ... CrossTalking with Pepe Escobar, Dan Glazebrook, and Philippe Assouline.

This excellent discussion explains that the conflict in Syria is a Proxy War and that foreign powers have been involved from the start. These outside countries intervened because of oil interests and for geopolitical reasons - not to 'overthrow an unjust dictator'.

In the opening minutes it was pointed out that recent US threats of direct intervention ('to fight ISIS')will only embolden the extremists and undermine any real negotiations that would have them removed (back to their respective countries of origin). Many extremist fighters will want to fight US forces while others in their leadership will recognise that the US is one of their sponsors and that the real target is the Syrian Arab Army.

It is also pointed out that many in the Syrian Arab Army are Sunnis, and that to characterise the war as simply a Sunni-Shia split is wrong.

Presently Russian intervention is helping the Syrian Government destroy extremist proxy forces on the ground which has led to renewed US attempts at escalating their own overt role in the war (beyond their limited bombing campaign).

Pepe Escobar points out that the current Syrian Army advance is aimed at taking back the important non-desert urban/industrial regions and oil areas of the country - which can be seen on campaign maps appearing in sources such as South Front videos.

Another point everyone should consider is that the migrant/refugee crisis in Europe is a direct result of this criminal foreign-power intervention in Syria, and in Libya.

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