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Sunday, May 01, 2016

URGENT PETITION: U.S. Forest Service - Don't Let Nestlé Steal Our H20 Heritage

After 28 years of allowing Nestlé to illegally pump water in the San Bernardino National Forest,the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is proposing to renew Nestlé's permit for another FIVE years! 

To renew the permit, the USFS must follow the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA requires the USFS to conduct an environmental review of the impacts of our public lands BEFORE issuing the permit. If we can get USFS to conduct a robust environmental review, the science will show that they cannot renew Nestlé's permit, forcing Nestlé to abandon their operations altogether.

Join us to keep up the pressure so USFS conducts a complete environmental review and stops Nestlé from taking one more drop of OUR water.

The public comment period closes on May 2 - please sign this petition now.

This effort is a joint campaign with Courage Campaign, Story of Stuff, Credo and SumOfUs - Sorry if we've asked you to sign this petition more than once. Don't worry, one click is plenty.


Bill Burr on Hillary Clinton's Bilderberg connections, Republicans and Nestle.

Nestlé's water privatization push

Tell the U.S. Forest Service: Stop Nestlé’s illegal water extraction

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