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Friday, November 07, 2008

A New Day Dawning

Eight Loooooong years.

Eight years of a nightmare.

Eight Years of something I never thought I would see in this world.

My beloved country under the control of a fascist regime.

Our Constitution trashed,and a list of Treason's perpetrated by the very ones who swore to uphold our Law of the land.

As I watched along with millions of people around the world hope was born and it's light swept across this land,and around the world.

It was glorious.

Now we wait.

We wait for Justice and Truth.

The facts of 9/11 are clear.

The government sponsored 9/11 Commission did NOT give us Facts.
They gave us a SpinDoctor version filled with Smoke and Mirrors.
The facts were gathered by True Patriots of this country.

These Patriots have endured much to bring us the Truth and I for one honor their sacrifice.
Against all odds and great persecution they have continued on.
We all owe them a great debt.

So Now we wait with Great Hope that what they have spent countless days of their lives on have not been in vain.

We wait while America's political prisoners still sit in jail (FREE LEONARD PEILTER!!!!)
We wait as a Native American Community for long overdue justice.

We wait with the families of those who lost loved ones in 9/11 and did NOT believe the report from our government.

We wait with those tortured in Guantanamo Bay.

WE wait with Mother Earth and all her Creation for environmentally responsible policies.

We have won a great Victory but we have not won the war.
So while we celebrate and take a moment to watch the glorious sunrise of Hope being born in the world; remember we are not done; much work still lies before us and we cannot go back and close our eyes in slumber.
For the first time America 's people clearly stated enough!!
Now I beg you just because the race is won -DO NOT TURN AWAY FROM WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!! This is only the beginning......


To all the naysayers and doubters of the 9/11 truth as the Patriots have put before your eyes.
You do not have to agree but what you should do is support another investigation this time done by non government paid people. WHY? so that TRUTH can be seen . Or do you not want Truth?

1 comment:

  1. Great post, what you ended with brought to my mind something Stewart Bradley said in my interview with him...

    "I even try to convince debunkers to back a new investigation by pointing out that if a genuine investigation proves the "official story" to be correct then it would effectively end the 9/11 Truth Movement. Of course the debunkers usually reject the investigation, I believe, because they know if a genuine investigation proves the "official story" to be false then it would vindicate the 9/11 Truth Movement. Debunkers just don't want to take that chance." -