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"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?" Gandhi

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

9/11 Fear Merchants and Ostriches

I bet you all remember where you were that world altering day.
We all stared in awe and horror our minds refusing to accept what our eyes were seeing .
Yet there it was in living color and the walls came tumbling down.
Thousands of souls finished their Earthwalk on that day.
Chaos and confusion was evident in everyone you spoke to.
Everyone you saw had a strange look in their eyes and the look was fear.
When people get afraid they get angry.
This is a normal response.
Do not think for one minute that the "spin-doctors "who architect and choreograph everything we see on TV, read in the newspapers, and hear from the mouths of our "leaders" were not aware of the response we would have.
Do not think for one second that they have not used this knowledge to get us to see what they wanted us to see, or get us to react in a certain way in a response that was designed to give those in control the "moral" backing to go anywhere in the world and do anything they choose in the name of Justice; (sometimes known as revenge)
better known as the catch Phrase Freedom and Democracy.
You see all the spin-doctors have to do is use certain catch words together in a sentence and your mind will go where they want you to go. You will respond just in a certain way and wallah
you are controlled.
You see what they want you to see and the rest becomes smoke and mirrors .
They now have free reign and Carte blanch to take our money run around the world and act a fool committing atrocities in our name.
Some examples of this are 9/11,Guantanamo Bay,Iraq,Iran,The Kennedy assassinations,Palestinian,Afghanistan,The Cold War,Cuba, Leonard Peltier,Indigenous peoples Genocide, and the list goes on.
For more info on how the government uses PR:

We all know they government is hiding something in regards to these things.
It is common street knowledge.
Every person who grew up in the hood or on a reservation can tell you how corrupt the government is.
This is why all politicians that run for office have PR people(spin-doctors) (Propaganda machines)
who put together the image of the person /political party so that people will buy it just like they convince us we need the newest latest greatest whatever on our store shelves.
What do you think that all those opinion polls done by the mass media and advertising firms are for.
Think for a minute what is the number one way they get you to buy/do anything?
The number one emotion is fear.
They are professional Fear merchants.
Here is one of the best examples I know.
Why do we buy insurance and how do they sell it to us.
Fear of loss.
This is the only fear there is and every other fear comes from that.
Fear of loss of our way of life our freedom, our whatever.
They are professional Fear merchants and when people are afraid they are not rational.
The "Spin-Doctors" know it and choreograph this dance to an art form.
You know how they get away with it?
Does the phrase Ostrich with the head stuck in the sand mean anything to you?
Phyciatrist call it being in Denial.
This is fancy word for not being able to admit one made a mistake; more commonly known as pride.
Meanwhile the lies go on and so does the dance of horrors.
We are one earth family.
We are all related.
Scientist's have proven this with DNA tracing.
It is way past time for us to act like it.

Blessings to you all

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