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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wise Words From A Friend

This is an article that was sent to me in an e-mail from a friend who asked not to be named When I used it.

I believe this says it well and expresses my thoughts on the matter perfectly.

Dear friends,
I have followed the election of Obama on TV, and I see all the expectations and hopes of the people. Many of you have the same hopes. Of course I also have hopes. But not concerning Obama. I hope that people finally find out that it is better to have faith, especially in oneself. This is a time of 'do it yourself'. It is not a time to rely on some politicians with the hope that they will solve your problems. Do not forget that democracy in its origin means that the power is with the people and not with the rich or elected representants only. Do you have the impression that you have the power?
However, in times of Chemtrails, supported wars, massive political lies, many secret prisions and many more bad things, I think that this big excitement about Obama is based on not enough, or very little, knowledge about what is really going on. Many Americans who look behind the curtain of official policy and media information, begin to understand that things on our planet are not the way they look like. Things are not quite right. Many people get sick because of the dangerous substances big airplanes spray high above over many countries including Germany and other European countries. Here in our little town we get headaches, feel weak and tired and more. Because of a decision made in the US that spraying dangerous chemicals into the air could be healpful to save the climate. It will be very definitely helpful to kill many million of people all over the planet.
As this is happening even so in the US for a long time already, I wonder why nobody complains or does anything. Is our life so good that we do not mind about our health and future anymore? Do we do not care for our children, relatives and friends? Or do we really not care and let things just happen like this is not of any interest? What is needed to happen that people finally wake up?
Many of you make things extremely urgent when it is about to save the life on an animal. This is beautiful, and I thank everyone for this from my heart. But please, if we only go on this way as we do at the moment, soon we will not have any animals to save anymore. We need to act like a good doctor. A bad doctor makes a diagnosis and gives you a medicament that shuts down your pain. A good doctor makes more investigations and might even say that he needs to find out more. But in the end he will give you a treatment that cures you from the reason of your pain. This is the difference.
We need to be the good doctor. The one who looks behind the facade and finds the reason for the sickness.
Nobody can be forced to be interested into his own life,to find out about thruths, the saving of the life on our planet, or even to think about if the kind of life we are living is right or wrong. But after we all have taken so much from God's planet that we have turned into a wasteland, we should think about how much time is left, and if is our duty to act.
You all have friends who make efforts to give you information. The information is there. These efforts deserve more than just a 'noted, thank you!' as I see often in the comments.
Maybe I expect too much from people. But how can things ever change if not by the people.
Hitler once said: 'The best on people is that they do not think'. These words made me think.
We do not have much chance to save life. But we must at least try. And this means that we need to get informed and think - and act.
I am sorry, if you did not like this message. You might complain that I do not offer any solution for problems. You are right. But remember the good doctor. First find the reason, then start to work on the problem. A petition here, a petition there and some information that does not lead to a 'cure' will not make the patient healthy. Maybe in the long run. But there is no time for a long run.
I heard rumors about the internet to get more controlled or even get shut down because it contains too much unwanted information. If this is going to happen we have finally lost.
Think about IT !!!

My Notes:

Learn for yourself ,investigate for yourself, Do not believe the sellers of the lie because You do not think You can understand or You are lazy!Question ,Question. Question!! The info is not hidden,The Truth Shall set You Free!!!

1 comment:

  1. Those are -- most certainly -- very wise words.

    Thank YOU for sharing them, Faith!