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Friday, April 17, 2009

European Nations dumping Radioactive Wastes into Somali Coastal Waters

You have no doubt heard by now about the Captain of a cargo ship that was held hostage by Somali Pirates and rescued with the help of our Navy Seals.I was not to terribly interested in it at the time. Like everyone else I heard about it and thought I am glad they were able to rescue the Captain -great job was my thought regarding the Navy Seals and their actions.
Well while I was researching something else I ran across this article regarding Somali. I was so outraged by what I read that I knew I had to draw attention to this somehow. It seems that after the Somali government collapsed European ships started showing up off the Somali coast.
Then when the Indonesian tsunami came it unearthed and washed ashore containers of radiation and heavy metal waste.(The people in Somali had been getting sick with a unknown illness for a while before the Tsunami but when those containers washed ashore it became clear why.)
Well the Somali people who found these containers did not know what the containers were or what was in them. So many of them were broken open and many more people began to get sick, real sick,hair loss skin loss,rashes and lots of dying. It seems they have all the symptoms of Radiation poisoning and/or heavy metal poisoning.
It seems that the ocean has been used in that area for a toxic waste dump.
It also seems many commercial fisherman are fishing there as well.
I am thinking OMG!
Who is eating this seafood caught in waters that have Nuclear heavy metal waste?!
Then I thought what moronic a-hole decided that dumping this mess in our oceans was a good idea? It seems that the world has a long list of moronic a-holes.
Then I thought only a selfish heartless,brain dead, Moron would do such a thing.
I mean what do they do -never eat seafood or never let there families eat seafood?
Perhaps they have all the seafood they eat tested before hand?
Do they never go swimming in the ocean or walk on a beach?
In case no one has noticed the Ocean goes all around the world and the ocean currents carry stuff all around the world!!
It is bad enough that our oceans,our planets life blood,the cradle of all life on this planet is being used as toxic and radioactive waste dumps, but when you add to the fact that people in Somali are dying from radiation sickness and No one gives a damn and who knows who is eating the seafood caught from those waters - not to mention the environmental damage,well it is just to much.I am sooo beyond outraged!
Just who are these companies that are dumping the radiation garbage into our Mother Earths life blood-well here are the names of the firms that offered such services to European Nations-
Quote from the article I read:
"In the mid-90s, a Swiss firm, Achair Partners, and an Italian company, Progresso, offered their quick toxic waste disposal services to a host of European nations.

One more quote from the article I read;
Just recently, British Foreign Minister David Miliband boasted that Britain would take the lead on "cracking down" on the pirates. The Royal Navy has instituted a special operation called "Operation Atalanta." The target will be the Somalis -- not the toxic waste ships! So now, US and European ships will continue to dump their toxic cargoes with the protection from huge Navy vessels, and continue the misery of the Somali people.

Oh, there's much more I could write about this. I could tell you the guilty individuals who allowed this to happen or how the Somali warlords received arms in return for their complicity. Or the brave journalists like Ilaria Alpi and Mivan Brovato, who were assassinated in Somalia following their interview with a high level whistle-blower... But, for now, open your eyes and look for the truth behind the headlines and sound-bites.

It's much more interesting to think in black and white, good and bad. But too often the truth comes in only one color, the green of money."
To read this article Quoted from above, in it's entirety


  1. That's just sick. Why would anyone do that?

  2. Anonymous11:49 AM

    My first reaction to this video and article was that familiar sick disgust and angst over the willingness of some people to do anything for money, and their unconscionable indifference to consequences. When pieces of a puzzle are all separate and no one but the puzzle maker knows what the big picture will look like, it's easy to maintain a deception about what would evolve if they were all joined. Manipulating pieces so that there are always big enough gaps, or destroying pieces that would reveal too much, is one of the ways that those in control can get away with the ongoing toxic activities that are part of their intentional creations.

    And my second reaction was gladness that it was out there - like another little crack in the system - a revelation that is a needed opening to help awaken the rest of the world to what is going on. There are so many of these secretive crimes being committed on all kinds of fronts. And it's time we lost the rose coloured glasses, as painful as this is. But losing the glasses doesn't mean we have to lose the vision of what's possible. We just have to know that most of those now in power don't have a clue or interest in either creating something beneficial and life supportive or stopping the devastation and destruction that is so profitable for them.

  3. Thank-U very much for the insightful and well thought out comment-I agree with what U have said wholeheartedly.

  4. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Thank you for bringing yet an other scandal to our attention! There are just too many cover ups and evil-minded, money-driven people in this world. Italy is notorious for dumping toxic waste all over the place, including on its own soil!!! We only have one planet and are destroying it faster than we think!! If we don't wake up soon enough it'll be far too late!! Crimes like this have to stop now, and the best way to help this process is by informing the public and putting pressure on governments. Again, thank you Faith!