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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Canadian and American Governments Join Forces To Kill More Indians

This is a partial re-post of an article in the Manataka newsletter.
I consider this armed militant approach to peaceful demonstrations reminiscent of the Civil rights movement in the USA.Now America is once again continuing the genocide it has been doing for over 100 years against the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island.
Now they are helping Canada do the same.

41-Year Legacy of Mohawk Resistance at the Akwesasne Border

Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News

MNN. May 109, 2009. Over 250 Mohawks marched on May 8, 2009, against guns and violence at the U.S. - Canada border. Canada is militarizing all borders across Canada. Guards will carry Beretta 8 mm guns for a start on June 1, 2009. The safety of Mohawks and all border crossings in Canada are being jeopardized. The Akwesasne checkpoint is on a large island in the St. Lawrence River, in the middle of a highly populated residential area. It is the border-crossing from NYS to Cornwall, Ontario. The day-to-day security provided by an unarmed Mohawk security has always been enough.

We are the most policed people in the world. Almost 20 U.S. and Canadian enforcement agencies traverse our community. Canada has two alternatives: to peacefully operate on our land or to move the customs building and compound off the island.

After construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway and the International Bridge in the 1950s the customs station was placed on the island. We tried but could not stop it. A commitment was made that armed guards would never be put in the middle of our neighborhood, which we saw as dangerous for both Customs and Mohawks.

Mohawks have not fallen for this trap. Daily disagreements have been instigated against Mohawks who must pass through the checkpoint on a daily basis. There have been serious injuries, hospitalizations, charges and assaults. So far there have been no fatalities. There has been a steady increase in racial profiling and slurs direct at us sanctioned by Canada. Incidents are being provoked to justify armed guards.

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