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Thursday, August 20, 2009

CIA Hit Squads

Well we have talked about it for a long time. Bloggers and People putting out YouTube Vids have been speaking loud for a long time regarding CIA hit squads while taking abuse from Dis-info agents and others.
WE have been soooo vindicated.
Proof is emerging that our government hired hit squads.
This time from a publicly accepted news source.
It seems that the inmates have been running the asylum.
It is finally coming out that our government has indeed been hijacked by factions within. This is the real reason we are hated in the world.

This is the song Presidents and others have been telling us the public for a long time now."Folks around the planet are "jealous or hate us for our way of life."
They have been saying that we are hated within the world just because Terrorist hate freedom and democracy.
They started the war on Terrorism (9/11 was an inside job) with this propaganda rhetoric and pointed the fingers at Al -Qaeda for 9/11. Now I am no fan of Al-Qaeda by any means, but to say they attack us and cause a threat to us because they hate freedom is ludicrous!
It seems to me that they hate what our shadow government has been doing in We The Peoples name.
Ron Paul is right.
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