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Monday, September 14, 2009

Indigenous Peoples Rights

I know why the people in control of our government have not signed the United Nations Declaration regarding the rights of Indigenous people. They would have to release Leonard Peltier, admit the FBI COINTEL regarding the Pine Ridge Reservations and the subsequent unsolved murders,stop the radiation poisonings from the uranium mines,clean up the radiation mess it has already made,come up with the monies that were "lost" from mineral rights promised by treaty,leave alone or give back the sacred lands that have gold,coal and other riches on them, and it would open the door to lawsuits that have been ignored or falsely dismissed to be reheard.
So like cowards they hide from fear of the karma they have created and the suffering they have made and allowed to happen in the name of the almighty dollar and profit.

Obama has said that we might sign it and he is "thinking about it".
America is one of 11 countries that have not signed.
144 countries originally signed it but not America.
(Australia did come back and sign it making that 145 countries to sign and 10 that have not)

Many Cities in America have signed this Declaration and made moves to correct the harm done. It is wonderful to know that we still have people in government who do indeed have the courage to do what is right.
Unfortunately they are still the minority.
OK America lets make courageous people the majority.
Next election either do not vote and let your elected officials know why you are not voting or vote for a third party that does have the courage to do what is right.
The Green Party comes to mind as a good one to vote for.
Cynthia McKinny has guts and the fortitude to do what is right and is doing it.
I voted for her in the last election.

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