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"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?" Gandhi

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

American policy hinders aid to Haiti

Actor and Activist Danny Glover on Legacy of US-Haitian Relations Dating Back to 1804

Doctors without borders were refused landing in Haiti

Gov.Rendall can land but Doctors without borders cannot

Haiti stories of desperation and courage

Oh GOD! President Bush,Clinton, is in charge of Haiti relief.
Below is an excerpt from an e-mail that I recieved from DaretoDream network. I do not know who this person is that sent it to Barbara but here it is. I found it food for some thought in light of what has been going on in Haiti.Thanx so much Barbara for passing this on to me.

"I'm ex-military and grew up in the military. I know a little something about what it takes to move men and equipment, and the training our forces have. They could have had an "airlift" force there with beginning supplies within HOURS! They could then have run supply trips nonstop and kept them going until everyone had food, shelter, medicines and whatever they needed. The thing is, SOMEONE was sitting around with a calculator adding up the cost of every ounce of JP5, every MRE, every survival kit (tent, survival blanket, tools, water purifier and iodine tablets, etc.), and apparently decided not to spend the money already invested in emergency supplies on Haiti.

THOSE SUPPLIES ALREADY EXIST! And they could have been there in hours at most. As for that woman's sister, they could have made the run in less than an hour. Someone just thought the person wasn't important enough to expend that money in getting there that fast, that's ALL. And then with Gates wanting security first (just who in Hell does he figure is going to attack a huge US military contingent in Haiti??), and THAT takes a little time - couple of days maybe, unless they were to send US military - or it would have been that way once, in my day.

The US military is trained to guard and to fight. All they had to do to get the US military mobilized was order it and say "ASAP." Again, HOURS at most. They're already supplied, already armed, and transport is always within reach. If they've deteriorated so badly they no longer have all that RIGHT THERE, we no longer have a competent military! Blackwater would take longer just due to the fact that people don't work for them until they have a contract ready to go, pay and bennies, ROE etc., spelled out and ready to sign, TOD say ten hours, transport time less than one hour. Total 2-3 days at a guess. They'd have to do the contracts, send out the call and wait for muster-in, sign the contracts, pick up gear that's mission specific and go.

Sounds to me like Gates was running a delay while trying to figure out how to get away with actually DOING as little as possible while sounding like we were making heroic efforts and getting the publicity for it but not spending anything, or spending someone else's money. Otherwise, if he really IS that incompetent and the military really IS that unprepared, Gates and the Joint Chiefs of Staff all need to be fired! Yesterday!

Again, it sounds to me like any aid to Haiti is being deliberately sabotaged so that as many as possible get sick and die while the danger of that is high, and the weak are most vulnerable. In another three days will come the next big vulnerability plateau as corpses really start to generate disease, pollute water, and so on. Add four or six days to that, and disease and infection rates will be at their peak, pretty much. If THEN is when the bigger relief efforts begin to show up, then they were trying to maximize deaths and still look like they're trying to help. This appears to be a deliberate genocide effort. Sorry. NOTE: These are guesses. They should be close, but they're guesses. Just watch what happens and note how long what takes. But really, we have jets that can carry tremendous amounts of cargo, and any military base has a store of goods packed away and waiting for need. There are bases all along the South coast of the U.S., all of them well-supplied."

Blogwriters note:
If what this person in this e-mail says is true..... then our government is further gone than we thought it was.Shades of Katrina all over again.There is NO EXCUSE for such as this!

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  1. A great and an important post Faith! I find myself in tears as I get feedback from Haitian volunteers that are friends of mine..and watch and or listen to the stories coming out of Haiti. Even CNN can't deny that this effort by America is undeniably flawed..

    This is an offering I sent out on the 18th..In response to Doctors without Borders not able to get to the victims of the Haitian earthquake..

    I call it: I would do whatever was necessary!

    It's almost a week since the Earthquake devastated Haiti, rendering her and her people to an existence of fear, pain, and a sense of helplessness! And still the amount of relief, assistance, at best, is minimal.

    The media is reporting looting of medical supplies and food. The media has touched on this looting issue almost from the beginning although they handled it gingerly in the early days unlike the assault that was waged on the victims of Katrina, from day one of their nightmare.

    Once again, bait and switch, the spin so slanted that it nauseates anyone with a fair and unbiased heart and a mind that will not stoop to this level of insensitivity.

    I have observed, over the years, how our bought and paid for media plays games with our lives.. Some, as do I, would call it brainwashing. Brain washing which sadly works on those who are finger pointers, the prejudice of those who follow blindly.. What ever the case, this tragedy that has befallen the people of Haiti is not, as Pat Robertson has said, Gods wrath!

    It's my feeling, at this stage, it's become a test geared towards those who would "Dare" judge. If God is angry, as well the omnipotent may be, I feel it's to beg the question, "What sort of humans are "We?" It reminds me of what the Good Books say about separate the wheat from the chaff. "When you separate the wheat from the chaff, you select what is useful or valuable and reject what is useless or worthless." Are we sincerely, and with haste, rescuing the people/children of Haiti or playing another sort of game.. ????

    It's no secret that the people of Haiti have had more then their share of adversity.. To believers, I "Dare" say, "What is the responsibility of believers of a supreme being? To pass judgment as Pat Robertson "Dare" does? Or to rally with love and all the support "We" can muster on behalf of the people of Haiti? In a world of plenty, with sophisticated equipment in many countries, It's my opinion those who control precious life or death moments are making judgment calls which have nothing to do with compassion, integrity nor commitment to a higher being!

    As for the looting! We're talking about life saving water, medicine, food! If I were there and I or a loved one were thirsty I would do whatever was necessary! If there was a place that harbored medicine I would do whatever was necessary! "We" sit at our desk, TV, or whatever, while people in Haiti, children, are under rubble, waiting and waiting and waiting! I would do whatever was necessary!

    When life lingers in the balance seconds can seem like an eternity to those waiting! Seconds can make the difference in whether one lives or dies.

    My God is not judging the people of Haiti Pat Roberson. He's not judging their innocent children! When Jesus went to the cross was it because he was being judged for some wrong he committed? No! He became the sacrificial lamb! You're right about one thing, Mr. Robertson! Judgment is here! Judge not, lest Ye be judged, says it all!

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    Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 2:07 PM
    Subject: Fw: [Lethaitilive] Fwd: Doctors Without Borders Cargo Plane With Full Hospital and Staff Blocked From Landing in Port-au-Prince