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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Experts? Who the F**K are they anyway????

Editorial comment:

Truth Rant

By FaithRMichaels

Now why is it that most people only believe ;
that those paraded before us on the news, or those that are government sanctioned as "experts?" are the only ones that matter?

In the case of 9/11.. We had the NIST panel as " The Authoritah".
While all the architects ,professionals,scholars,and engineers for 9/11 Truth who disagree with the NIST report and the "Official Conspiracy Theory" are not taken seriously as experts.

Make NO mistake it is a conspiracy theory that the government has given us.

(check out Webster's dictionary for the term conspiracy or go here .)

America believed the Official 9/11 Conspiracy theory because a authority figure said so.

In this case the authority figure was President Bush.(You know, the one who was holding the children's book upside down) Then the NIST panel came out and said that Bush and the government's "Official Conspiracy Theory" was right.

(What a non- surprise!!)

In the case of the fake shaman:

David Author Ray killed a few folks with his false wanna be shaman con artist practises,by wrongly doing a sweat lodge ceremony, and to discuss this matter in the news they brought in a few Non -Native American "experts".


The mainstream media news called them experts it must be so,... right???


I am not implying that white,or Non-Native Peoples cannot be a real expert on the subject ..BUT

How did ONE white woman get to be an "expert?" from ONE sweat lodge experience on Native American Spirituality practises???? Native American Elders have stated publicly that these kind of David A.Ray sweat lodge practises are non - traditional and dangerous.
However the Native American Elders (who have done Sweat Lodge ceremonies forever) did not get any mainstream air time, and were not even sought out or asked to speak to this matter.

Wouldn't it be reasonable to ask a Native American Elder who does this as a way of life???

For the record Not one person who has done a sweat lodge in a proper manner, as instructed by the Native American Elders (THE REAL EXPERTS) has ever died!!!

Sometimes I think the people in America are the most gullible folks in the universe.
All anyone has to do to lead most of them down any crazy road is to be sanctioned by the "government authoritah",(to be more precise some lying ass politician) highlighted in the media for 10 fool assed minutes,(3 or more times's a day across ALL mainstream media outlets for weeks), and wahlla! your a damn expert on anything! Hell the socially correct proper income bracket people said so! You can be an absolute idiot or as evil as Hitler but as long as the government ,banksters, or alphabet people,(NSA,CIA,FBI etc.) say your good ..your prime time material!

The REAL experts when they speak up are people who do their work well for years upon years, and have done it for a lifetime . They are people who are well respected in their fields.
They are respected right up to the moment they publicly speak out against the government or large corporation backed by the government's propaganda.
Then they are are sidelined, labeled nutters or extremist,and often find themselves out of a job, or conviently end up dead when they speak out against whatever "authoritah"the American government has sanctioned.

It is as if the government sanctioned media is saying....How dare those people exercise their Constitutional rights and contradict something the Great Fathers and Big Brothers told us for our own "good".

Never mind the fact that the government sanctioned "authoritah " arguments are faulty, deny the basic laws of physics ( as in the matter of The Twin Towers and Building 7,) and often are immoral and irrational, as in the case of David A.Ray.

That cannot matter when the media and government said it didn't. Right?

Isn't it a pathetic comment on our times when people who call themselves Truthers are maligned,called insane,and publicly ridiculed by the mainstream media just because they want the truth? Just because we dared to question the Government appointed"experts" with,
Real and Honest experts who share a different opinion?

We are maligned because we went against the government sanctioned version of 'Truth" stated by a handful of paid off bobble headed yes folks !

Honestly it seems that most people are easy to fool, easy to control , and easy to get to believe any damn fool thing that the government and media want them to. Why???
God knows it's easier to be told what to do,what to buy, and what to believe!

What a tragedy.

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