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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheney admits war crimes and the government sanctioned media is expectedly quite

By Faith-R-Michaels

Jonathan Karl of ABC news "This Week" interviewed Dick Cheney on Valentines day.
Cheney admitted to being "The Man" who authorised Torture and harsh interrogation techniques that actually got one Terrorist free due to a unreliable "confession.
Not only did it allow a terrorist to go free... this torture did not produce one reliable piece of information ,caused the false raising of terror alerts and in my opinion actually made America more prone to attacks from Terrorists.
Cheney admits wanting harsher Techniques and was critical of Obama and his administration for actually following the Geneva Conventions outlawing of Torture and banning of the practise.
(I would like to note here that the Constitution that Cheney swore to uphold and defend when he took office also outlaws torture.)
Cheney admits that they had the justice departmental lawyers "fix" the law around his torture policies.
Not unexpectedly the mainstream media is quite and has not picked this up and ran with it. Obama has not had this man hauled to jail nor has he been indicted for War Crimes or treason.Obama just sits quietly by.
I have to note here that if it had been any other average American the media would not know how to shut up on this matter and the offending person would be in jail with America outraged.
But hey Cheney was a Vice President..(to be blunt a lying ass politician)and somehow the atrocities become "not so bad". So in America there is one set of laws for the rich and powerful and another for "We the People"
We the People cannot usually afford the PR campaigns to make crimes more acceptable to the consciousness of the many.
How the hell is this OK??? Are most Americans so narrow minded and small in heart that torture of a government declared enemy is OK as long as it doesn't happen to them or their loved ones?? Are they so naive and blind as to think that if they in power move the laws around to suite them that they can do this to any American they deem an enemy of the state? Are people so blind and whupped as to think that it would never happen to them or those they care about? Apparently so according to history. Isn't that what happened with Hitler and any other dictatorship? American solders have died and shed their blood to free people from this kind of tyranny and Americans turn their backs on this and act like it is nothing? Personally I am beyond outraged at the silence and the good ole boy mentality I see being practised here.
I just want you all to know that if this goes unchallenged then America is no longer the land of the free nor is it the home of the brave. It is instead the land of fascism and the home of the cowards and we might as well burn our Constitution for it will not have anyone left to stand and defend it.
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