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Thursday, March 25, 2010

John F.Kennedy/Secret Societies

Thank you Nick for finding and sharing this vid.

To all of those that ask or subscribe to the notion that 9/11 Truthers are "tinfoil hat wearing loons...that we who loudly exclaim "there is a shadow government that runs everything..that there ARE government conspiracies.. "
and that we who believe such as this are somehow demented
I say in the words of ChangeDaChannel DEBUNK THIS!

JFK speech vindicates us.

I lay the blame for America becoming the way it is at the Debunkers doorsteps.
It is their Disinfo propaganda that has helped bring America to the ruins it is in today.

THIS information in this speech is the reason JFK was assassinated in my opinion.

THIS INFO JFK is telling America about has been carried out.

THIS INFO from JFK is the reason we as a nation are at the precipice of bankruptcy.

THOSE PEOPLE in charge of these kinds of operations have Presidents publicly calling for a New World Order.

THIS INFO being carried out is the reason American government is/has become a Fascist state and We The People are fighting for our Constitutional freedoms.

Here is what I have noticed....Every time a new president is elected they go to a G2 meeting with those who in my opinion actually run the world, then EVERYTHING changes from what they originally spoke about and promised in their campaign.
(either the newly elected prez knew beforehand and boldfaced lied to America to get elected OR he did NOT know but is told about what and why he will do what he does in the manner he will do it at the G2)
The newly elected President then goes about politics as usual doing the same ole same ole their predecessors did in a slightly different way to "appear that he is doing what he promised sorta.

Perhaps the reason the newly elected "go along " is the reason JFK is dead.
JFK DID NOT GO ALONG WITH THEIR IDEAS! JFK was actively from all appearances doing what he could to expose them and planning to stop them utilizing the power of his office and support of the American People.

So here we have it out of a Presidents mouth who conveniently was assassinated
(along with his brother who supported and who was going to CONTINUE his brothers policies..)
Telling America about the danger from those in power who plot,plan and scheme.
JFK is telling America about the Conspiracies,secret societies,the silencing of the media and the danger from these elements, to us all.

Personally I think I would rather be called a "tin foil hat wearing loon"
Than be an ostrich head in the sand Debunker, many of whom are Disinfo traitors.

Those who are ostrich's and disinfo spreading voices have openly contributed to the treason among us.
They are like JUDAS who sold out for the silver.
These self same covert operations planners that JFK was addressing in his speech, most likely are of or from the same mindsets and Federal government departments who created and allowed False Flag Operations and very likely planned 9/11 or helped the Hijackers to succeed on 9/11. They planned and sustain the War on Terror,create more Terrorists,and invent Al-Quada to keep us confused and terrified so that THEY can push their global agenda without interruption.
Many have said that JFK was speaking about communism and that this speech has nothing whatsoever to do with modern day.
To those I say Au Contraire..only the title has changed.It is no longer Communism but Terrorism.The agenda from those who have been trying to impose their warped idea of global community upon us all in the name of their religious beliefs of right and wrong has not changed.
Again I repeat only the title of the enemy has changed.

Those who initiate war and fear mongering to further a societies goals of being "the good" in the world, calling it "spreading democracy" while truly believing that a world peace is for the war conquest taking, are seriously deluding themselves regarding the consequences of their methodology enactment.
It is doomed to fail,set up to fail by the very actions that initiated this confusion.

They (those in power) are using the power of nightmares,the politics of fear,to hide behind as a reason for this madness.They are actively perpetuating the illusion that people are unable to control themselves therefor they require controlling in the manner of and according to the religious beliefs of those in charge.

The reasoning?? is spelled out clearly in the BBC documentary the Power of Nightmares.

If people continue to look for leaders to tell them right from wrong with out thinking, acting with self responsibility or doing research for themselves than "those who fear monger and rule " will make the choices for us all.

Here it is "THE CHOICE" either we become self responsible beings as a majority and refuse to be fooled or we don't. If we choose Truth,freedom,liberty and justice and are no longer fooled or manipulated by the fear, disinfo, CIA, NSA, psyops propaganda, then humanity prospers and so does the Earth.
If we choose not to choose or choose what has been till now, then things continue as they are with those in power taking us on a dark twisted human misery laden road into oblivion, not in glory but with a whimper into obscurity.

A tribute to JFK and his Warriors heart from this writer:
JFK I hear you and agree with your assessment. Our media has become the very thing you told them not to do, our government has become exactly what you warned against..but We The People are awake now and we will prevail. Thank You Sir for your warnings,your courage and leadership.
May your path in the Spirit world be Blessed.

Blessings and deep gratitude to those who recorded what you said so that those of us who would come after your passing would have the Truth.

Warriors of Good Heart

He told us and we didn't listen

Solutions through Truth

1 comment:

  1. It's a great speech by JFK. Indeed, men of power will always try to protect their positions through whatever means are most effective. Secret organisations come in very handy as a way to control things from behind the scenes.

    Also it is true that power often attracts a bad sort of people - those lacking good conscience who are willing to crush their opponents, their fellow man, to get ahead. Give them control of the Finance system, the Government, the military, without any real transparency or accountability, and you have a big problem.

    Note: I am deliberately using gender biased wording here in the spirit of the times in which JFK made his speech and because it is almost always men that are responsible for the problems (power can corrupt women too).

    Things can be changed but we must all be made aware of the problems and the danger.

    We must not forget JFK's warning !