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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NSA wiretapping found Illegal by a federal Judge

YES!!!! Finally a judge with the balls to rule in favor of American Law!
A story from the New York Times states that Judge Vaughn R Walker in a 42 page opinion ruled on Wednesday that this warrantless wiretapping that has been going on was and is in violation of the FISA law and therefor illegal.(ya think???)
Obama has been trying to keep this warrantless spying program that was instituted under GW Bush going despite the many many objections from the ACLU and We The People.
Hats off and kudos to you Judge Walker!
I am honored to call you an American.
For the full New York Times story go here

1 comment:

  1. Great News ! The more people that can be educated about what is really going on in America, the easier it will be for judges to hand down decisions that reflect the Law !

    In my view it is the role of the blogs to let everyone know about the major issues that are causing damage to the country and Constitution. (The issues the mainstream media has largely avoided).

    I can imagine when every judge, cop, military person, lawyer and politician (!) will know what we know here and be one with the rest of the population.

    Good News indeed Faith !