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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Child Protection Services are stealing children for profit

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Child protection services are stealing children ,removing them from their parents and violating,their own manual guidelines and the law.
$4000 dollars per child is what CPS makes from the Federal government per child removed from their parents.
Then Foster parents make a bundle per month per child placed in their care.
Now I know there are some good foster parents and I am aware that there are some children that require removal from their biological parents for their well being.
But this is an outrage.
The corruption of our government is so deep we may never root it all out.
They are stealing America's children and selling them.
Learn your rights and what to do if the government comes for your child.
Go here and listen to this Radio show ,then write ,
e-mail,your Washington Critters, your State legislators Critters ,write your local paper, pass out this info on flyer's.
In short do all you can to stop this child stealing by our government.
Get informed and get involved before they come for your or your children's children.

CPS Corruption and Human Trafficking

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