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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Murder, Spies and Voting Lies: Rigged Elections Exposed [MUST SEE]

Whistleblower Clint Curtis spills the beans to journalist/blogger Brad Friedman ( about the election fraud associated with George W. Bush's first presidential ballot.

US elections are rigged. This deals primarily with questions concerning 2000 but touches on the 2004 election. The 2004 election was definitely rigged.

Notice the corporate mainstream media is almost 100% missing in "action" when it comes to this vital issue. Something is very wrong with the country when a story such as this can be buried.

Without fair elections there cannot be any democracy. No independent, or progressive, candidates will ever be allowed to win. This situation must change.

Check out the documentary. (At least watch part 1 if you can !)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks much for this Spooky...Been sayin it for years..Everyone in this neck of the woods knows it,talks about it and says..this is why they do not vote..cause it doesn't make any difference.Most poor country folk feel the same way.. all one has to do is have a beer and a chat to hear it.Glad you brought it..Thanks again