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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Salazar approves Americas First Solar Energy Plant.. Promises More

Written By FaithRMichaels

It is the duty and responsibility of alternative news Blogs to post the news that is not covered much by the mainstream media.
Much of the Alternative News Blog (including mine) often focases on what is NOT going on or on what is wrong with the government.
However this time something is right for a change.

Excerpt from the New York Times Article:
 "Both plants are to rise in the California desert under a fast-track program that dovetails with the state’s own aggressive effort to push development of solar, wind and geothermal power. The far larger one, a 709-megawatt project proposed by Tessera Solar on 6,360 acres in the Imperial Valley, will use “Suncatchers” — reflectors in the shape of radar dishes — to concentrate solar energy and activate a four-cylinder engine to generate electricity.
A 45-megawatt system proposed by Chevron Energy Solutions and featuring arrays of up to 40,500 solar panels will be built on 422 acres of the Lucerne Valley. When complete, the two projects could generate enough energy to power as many as 566,000 homes.
Mr. Salazar is expected to sign off on perhaps five more projects this year; the combined long-term output of all the plants would be four times that of the first two."

Americas FIRST Solar Energy plant! That indeed is awesome news...Kudo's to you Salazar for helping this to happen.
Salazar promises that more are coming and says:
"It will not be months before more are approved"
The New York Times reported on this Oct.5th. I have yet to hear of it anywhere else... so Kudos to you New York Times!
This indeed is excellent news!
Read the rest of the article here

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