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Written By FaithRMichaels I'm tired of hype, tired of same ole same ole lesser of two evils choice,  wayyyy tired of Clinton and wayyyy...

Monday, October 04, 2010

What The Heck Is Wrong With Us!!?? What Part of THEY LIE TO US CONSTANTLY Don't You Understand?

an e-mail arrived in my inbox from the Kick them all out campaign and it is worthy of sharing  so here goes:
Quote To Remember
"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one perhaps of the Right, and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.... Either party in office becomes in time corrupt, tired, unenterprising, and vigorless. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party, which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same policies
Carroll Quigley,"Tragedy and Hope:a History of the World in our Time"

Why Do So Many Fall For These People?

It absolutely confounds me why so many people fall for the STARS that the powers-that-be prop-up in front of us. How can otherwise bright, intelligent people become stupefyingly lame-headed and suckered by people that are clearly just saying exactly what everyone wants to hear? It happens over and over again. Once they are elected,
they do nothing for us! Duh!!

Why do you think that is? Could it be that they
never gave a damn about us to begin with? Could it be that when those in power offered to "make them rich and famous" and that they may have been seduced? No, that couldn't be it. Not our precious fill in the name of your favorite savior here.

The sad fact is many of us have been socially conditioned to
idealize celebrity! It astounds me how easily people will glom onto someone and idealize them beyond any reasonable proportions. How many of our so-called leaders turn out to be worthy of our adoration and idealizations? How many discredited, corrupt political stars can look right into a camera, right into your eyes, smile and LIE without a second thought? That's why they pick these people. They can do this without any trouble whatsoever. Oh, but not Obama. He would never do anything like that. Sarah would never do anything like that. They are real. They are genuine, right? You just "know" they are by what you've seen on TV, or heard at a rally you saw her at. Or my God, she actually spoke to you personally at a rally. She seemed so real, so nice.

I think I may have to projectile vomit. Please excuse me for a moment . . .

Can you detect a bit of ire in my tone? I'm just so tired of seeing good people act out the same stupid behavior. There I said it. I said the "S" word.

Another strange thing that happens to many of us is when we see someone often enough on television we start to feel that we know them, as if they are a friend. Familiarity is not the same thing as friendship everyone. Friendship requires an actual relationship. Can any of you really say you know a darn thing about Palin or any of these people propped up before us? You only know what you've seen and heard through the media. Their sound bites are carefully orchestrated and controlled.

Some people were offended because I put the photo of Obama and Palin dancing in the campaign video. Nobody seems to have a problem with Obama being there, but "How dare I" put Saint Palin in with him! She's the real deal. She's "one of us."

Did any of you notice that Sarah Palin came out of nowhere just like Obama came out of nowhere? Suddenly she was thrust into the limelight with the full might and power of the establishment celebrity machine. She was everywhere and still is. They made her a star overnight and dazzled everyone inclined to be dazzled by her. She's gone from total obscurity to a multimillionaire folks. Do you really think they would have picked her if she wasn't going to serve their purposes?

There is no difference between what they did with Obama and what they are doing with Palin my friends. Look at that photo to the left. Look really hard and next time you watch Sarah, see if you can't see that this is exactly what she is doing. She's a performer. She's being paid a lot of money to do what she's doing. She's telling you exactly what she has been told you want to hear, what will sucker you in and make her more famous and powerful. Yes, she may believe some of what she says but make no mistake.
She is not going to help us! Everyone who is gaga for Palin will see she won't deliver any better than Obama if she actually gets elected to anything. She is surrounded and controlled by the same "old guard" that's been in the primary "appointed" positions of power and advisory positions since Kennedy was assassinated.

Some people were also offended by the morphed photo of Obama and Bush I put in the campaign video. Don't you remember that Bush LIED to us about practically everything? Bush and his trusty sidekick Cheney, or was it the other way around, LIED us into Middle East wars that are still raging. If you're short on memory, watch this little video I put together. Bush's reign roughly doubled the size and power of the government, all accomplished through lies. He exploited 9-11 to put into place a domestic police state apparatus that would be right at home in Stalin's Russia, or Mao's China, or China today for that matter. He ended his reign by rubber stamping the first banker bailout. Remember the $700 BILLION which now has become over 24 TRILLION? Oh yea. Bush is a great sacred cow. He's a hero. He's the real deal.

The morphed photo of Obambush is the cold hard truth. There has been a total continuity of agenda passing from one administration to the next, from one Congress to the next and it's been like that for a very long time. Want more proof? Listen to this amazing speech given by Charles A. Lindberg given back in 1941 in which he talks about the exact same lunatics doing the exact same things.

This insanity is not going to stop until we stop being so gullible. To ignore this truth is pure folly. Go ahead and do what the Obama devotees have done, fawn over celebrity and soon you will all be hanging your heads, just like all the Obama zombies are doing right now.

It's Called Controlled Opposition Folks

It is a fact that those in power know how to manipulate and control us. It's a fine art to them. The best way to control the opposition is to become the opposition. They have been doing it for a long, long time. The second they feel a group can pose a threat they will infiltrate it and make sure their people will rise to the top leadership positions.

Another sacred cow to many people is Glen Beck. Folks, we can't afford any sacred cows. We have to see clearly without any wishful thinking sugar-coating our perceptions. Again, do you really think the establishment machine would give Beck a multimillion-dollar studio and an enormous salary if he wasn't going to serve their purposes? Come on!

Yes, he speaks the truth about many things. Great, however, haven't you noticed on every single major issue he has betrayed us? He was for the banker bailout. He's for a VAT tax (value-added tax) to pay down the fraudulent debt owed to the Federal Reserve. He trashed Ron Paul at every turn. He was going to expose the truth of FEMA camps. Oops, no, there aren't any FEMA camps. It's just another conspiracy theory.

Beck is being used to corral and control the Tea Party/Patriot movement. It's so obvious. Just because someone tells you things you want to hear, just because much of it is actually true, doesn't mean you can trust them, especially someone like Beck. He has a history of betraying our trust. We cannot afford to HOPE he is a different man now that he is speaking more truthfully. I would be willing to wager fake Federal Reserve money that he's only doing it because
he's being told to do it by those that have made him rich and famous.

Remember the big march in Washington? Millions showed up and there was no media coverage. It's as if it didn't' happen. Remember all the rallies that have been held. Did any of those get the kind of coverage the recent Glen Beck extravaganza got? Hell no! Do you really think Beck's rally got the kind of coverage it got because it stood any chance of producing any real change? Come on! That event was simply a way to make everyone feel as if something is actually happening, that some actual momentum is beginning. It's not. Beck will not lead you anywhere except deeper down the rat hole. You will never hear him promoting anything that will create real change.
We're in deep trouble. We cannot afford to be seduced by the same old tactics we've been seduced by in the past. If we don't snap out of it, we are not going to prevail in this battle. We have to stop "hoping these people will save us." They won't. They are paid to make sure we are contained, that our anger and energy is siphoned off into things that will not lead us anywhere. They are paid to make sure we do not organize into any action that will actually change anything. If I were in real deep danger, I would not want someone like Beck or Palin watching my back!

We Cannot Effect Change In Congress By Changing Which Party Has A Majority.

The quote by Carol Quigley at the top of this newsletter says it all. The most important part of the quote:
"the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can 'throw the rascals out' at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy."
The only way to effect "real change" in Congress is to THROW THEM ALL OUT! It must be a total house cleaning. Members of both parties must be purged. The system must learn that we are onto them. We have to show them we know the two party system is a sham and that it's just one big party, the big government/globalization party, by stopping support for either party. It's simple to do. Throwing them all out shows the entire system we are not falling for the false left/right paradigm anymore. We want people that will honor their oath of office and "protect and defend our unalienable rights" first and foremost! We don't care what party they suck up to.

Every single election we play out the same stupid behavior. We play their game and only about 15% of the Congress turns over . . . if we're lucky. The vast majority of players remain the same and
nothing changes for the better. When we play the "flip the Congress" game, nothing changes because the bureaucracy that really runs the show is set up to ensure the underlying continuity of agenda continues no matter which party is in control.

We have to stop playing their game and
hold them ALL accountable. We have to demonstrate that we know the truth of things and stop acting like total idiots.

I agree

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