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Friday, October 01, 2010

NOAA and BP's propaganda campaign to brainwash schoolchildren

Written By FaithRMichaels
BP and NOAA have gotten together to show and tell schoolchildren bogus science experiments. They want to convince our kids that the Gulf seafood and fish is safe to eat.
See this
I saw Red and twitched at the obvious propaganda and bold face lying that our government was doing to impressionable school children.
Recent scientific studies and tests have concluded that the Gulf waters have 40 times the normal amounts of chemicals and carcinogens since the Oil Volcano broke loose in the Gulf.
go here for the scientists test results

Scientists are concerned that these chemicals and cancer causing agents will get into our food supply.

But hey pay no attention to the REAL professionals who have tested the waters...Just close your eyes and listen to the ongoing propagandist drone of your government who knows whats best for us all .
Before you know it you or your loved ones will be in the cheapest cancer clinic of your insurance companies choice.
Remember the Great Father in Washington cares about you!
Just ask the Native Americans what that really means!
Gulf seafood safe to eat ?????
About as safe as Mercury!
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Republicans Block BP Oil Spill Investigation in the Senate

Government denies that millions of dead fish have anything to do with the oil spill.



  1. For more Gulf Disaster headlines check out the tagged stories appearing at

    From the information we are getting here it looks like Gulf residents should consider moving for the sake of their long term health. It's disgraceful that it has come down to this but what we are seeing is the US equivalent of the Russian Chernobyl disaster.

    The Gulf, much of the shoreline and areas immediately inland should be treated as a contaminated area with scientific teams monitoring the extent of the damage over the next 50-100 years.

  2. Will check it out hon thanx