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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Abby Martin Exposes Obama’s SOTU Double Speak

Abby Martin discusses the hypocritical and misleading foreign policy claims made during the State of the Union.

State of the Union hypocrisy.

If the fact that President Obama could immediately close Guantanamo because it is a military facility, and YET keeps pretending that he is 'constrained', doesn't ring alarm bells, then good luck to you. Incompetence and partisan (left/right) politics clearly does not explain everything that has been happening. The corruption aspect of what is occurring today is too often overlooked.

Here's a few other points that do not easily fall under the incompetence label: failure to prosecute Bush Administration officials for torture and illegal war, failure to prosecute bankers for fraud, the hiring of lobbysts into key positions of the Government, the hiring of neconservatives into key State Department (Vic Nuland) and UN positions (Susan Rice, Samantha Power), the war on whistleblowers, the escalation of executive orders that bypass Congressional oversight, the escalation of Government secrecy, the specific inclusion of detention without trial provisions in the NDAA Laws, the escalation of the drone war, the lies about Syrian chemcial weapons incidents, the lies about what is happening in Ukraine etc.

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