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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ANONYMOUS - Message to Obama

Written By FaithRMichaels
Amazing..Bombs start falling and a stock market that had been falling for weeks...SOARS..ain't that something..
Every time in history when the people get fed up and turn their justifiable anger  towards those that want to control us..we are given a big bad boogieman to divert our anger..The sad part is it works each and every time..People start standing in the streets in the 60's Boom Vietnam..people start learning the truth about the Fed,The CIA.and the corporate rule and speaking out to our "representatives" in Washington. We start demanding they change it and Boom 9/11 happens..Lets not forget the 9trillion dollars that went missing days before the twin towers went down. Instantly forgot about in the wake of the disaster.  The investigative files conveniently destroyed when the plane hit the pentagon.
The list goes on and on..and now here in America people are rioting in the streets over police brutality.
 People talking about unity so that real change can happen,people talking about corruption in our voting ,demanding changes , and BOOM Paris is attacked.
 The Pope came here and addressed Congress for the very first time a few months back. His speech was clear regarding peoples rights in this country and the importance of that being preserved.
What do we get? More Terror from the mouths of the news crews.
NOT how to heal whats happening ..NOT how to live our lives without that fear.. NOT the truth of the true causes..NOOOOOOO nothing constructive at all..just here have some more fear.
Well that boogieman ain't going to work this time.. We the People got enough fixit for them and the rest.
Listen to this vid below....real then real now.. and the message is not limited nor restricted to Obama...especially now in the wake of the ISIL attacks increasing worldwide...and by the way... whats up with the fact that EVERYTIME there is a terrorist attack ..there are military exercises going on at the exact same time??
Want to know where the next terrorist attack is going to be?
Find out where the next Military exercise is being held in your country..THEN STAY FAR AWAY FROM IT..sheesh it seems that terrorist can't resist a military exercise..Rant over.. As you were

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