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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Chilcot Inquiry - Iraq War Crime Cover-up (Reaction Letter)

Dear Corporate and State-funded Western Media Journalists,

The attack upon Iraq in 2003 was a War Crime. It was premeditated murder. If you want to be honest about this issue you can't simply put on establishment apologists and think you are doing a good job.

You should try interviewing critics in the alternative media that understand International Law and the specific circumstances that led to the invasion.

Presently you are simply repeating the meme that the Chilcot Inquiry 'stopped short of saying the war was illegal' - that it was largely the result of intelligence failures (not deliberate lies). However, the Inquiry also said that Saddam's Iraq was not actually an imminent threat to any nation, regardless of the perceived WMD 'danger'. Because there was no real threat the war was indeed illegal.

There was no 'self defence' justification and neither was there a UN sanction for the attack. This makes the war authorising individuals, the President and Prime Ministers, War Criminals.

You cannot let your war apologist guests go unchallenged when they say that mistakes were made and that we need to make sure this does not happen again - that prosecution is not necessary. Hundreds of thousands died. Accepting a 'we must look forward' position is allowing criminals to go free.

And these politicians are criminals.

DELIBERATE LIES were told about Iraq's WMDs and the threat they posed. The liars included politically appointed bosses within the intelligence community, such as George Tenet. The actual intelligence on the WMD 'threat', the 2002 October National Intelligence Estimate, stated that there was NO threat, and that the information on the WMD programs was either ambiguous or fabricated (the aluminium tubes, the yellowcake uranium, the nuclear weapons program, Iraq's ties to Al Qaeda, the mobile weapons labs, the 45min threat capability, plus claims of stockpiled chemical weapons - this last point was made up by people like Donald Rumsfeld).

In 2005 an Australian documentary titled; Truth, Lies and Intelligence laid out the case that the lies for the war had been pushed by political chiefs led by neoconservative ideologues. It also pointed out that the 'intelligence' being used to justify the war was known to be faulty at the time. The whole video is not online, but it is worth checking out this 3 minute clip and buying the DVD:

Truth, Lies, and Intelligence

We also know that the British Government knew the US leadership - the politicians, neoconservatives and intelligence chiefs - were cooking up a case to go to war. In a set of documents known as the Downing Street Memos we find that; "the [US] intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy" so that war could be waged against Iraq. The UK went along with this policy of fabrication and constructed their own 'Dodgy Dossier' claiming that Iraq could use WMDs on British forces in the region with only a 45 minute warning for such an attack.

Undoubtedly, without these politically driven lies there would have been no war.

Punishment is necessary in order to stop continued war-facilitating lying. We have recently seen the false claim that the Assad Government used chemical weapons in the Syrian War. These recent lies almost led to an overt Western attack on that country that would have advantaged ISIS.

If the people who launched the 2003 Iraq War had been jailed for War Crimes, things would be very different now. War Crimes trials are still needed.


ps. Now the apologists are saying that 'no one could have predicted' the terrible outcome of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 - as part of their defence for the 'ill-advised' invasion. Dick Cheney 'predicted' what would happen in 94. He said it would be a quagmire and the country would fall apart:

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Congressional Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Lawyer Vincent Bugliosi (Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder author).
He shows (clearly) that the Bush Administration doctored a key intelligence report given to Congress so that it said Iraq was a threat when it was not. He has a copy of both documents in front of him. This skulduggery shows the political influence in skewing the intelligence - it was not 'an intelligence mistake'. When people appearing on TV say this they are either ignorant or deliberately lying

The Iraq War Lies (info and links on key areas of lying)

Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq

[Originally posted at the Spookyweather blog.]

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