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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dis-info Agents Caught in the Lie

Our Congress has discovered they were lied to and sent fake letters regarding the climate change bill.These fake letters supposedly came from a lobbying firm. Here is the quote from the article:
"The committee is still investigating 45 other letters sent by the lobbying firm Bonner & Associates,"
another article quote:
"Ed Markey, one of the authors of the bill, said the use of faked letters marked a new low. "We've seen fear-mongering with our nation's senior citizens with healthcare, and now we're seeing fraud-mongering with senior citizens on clean energy," the congressman said. "Lately, democratic debate has been deceptively debased by fake facts and harsh rhetoric. We must return to an honest discussion of the issues."

"Sarcasm alert below to the extreme notice"

Lobbying firms that are hired by special interest groups who have money riding on what the laws wil be.....Oh No they would never lie to Congress or to us or do anything like that at all. Not our fine law abiding, dressed in suits looking so suave good American citizens.
Nope not them... They are fine upstanding citizens, own businesses ,vote and eat apple pie on the fourth of July, went to collage,go to church on Sunday,donate to charities and everything!!!!!!
Scuse me while I hurl from the overdose of lies!!!
OK enough sarcasm for one day.
Here is the article

I will tell you this. This kind of stuff is NORMAL and happens all the time.
Special interest groups or persons that have lots of influence and money persuading public opinion by hiring PR firms to get what they want and in this case faking public opinion.
Would they do this as far as 9/11 or anything else is concerned????
You bet your ASS they would and did.
The clearest indicator of a persons future behavior is their past behavior and it seems this is business as usual on Capital Hill.
What gets me is the Congress people "listened" to these few who supposedly were against a climate bill and ignored thousands who said GIVE Us Clean Energy!
One last thing ..This makes me wonder just how far this rabbit hole goes.
I bet it runs deep.

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