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Thursday, November 05, 2009

23 Americans,mostly CIA operatives convicted in Italy

23 Americans mostly CIA operatives are now fugitives abroad. This stunning landmark case case was begun after a kidnapping of a Muslim Cleric in 2003. The Cleric's name is Abu Omar. Abu Omar was kidnapped off the streets of Milan in broad daylight.
He was taken to two U.S. bases. One in Italy,one in Germany. From there Abu was taken to Egypt where they kept him and tortured him for four years before concluding that he was innocent. I say innocent because they could find no reason to keep him or charge him so they let him go.
I do not think Abu Omar is an isolated incident. I am sadly certain he is just one of many that this has happened to.
I have questions for our government. Doesn't this fall under the catagory of war crimes? Isn't our involvement in this a direct violation of the Geneva convention and our own Constitution? Are you people in charge of what our government does professing to be Christians?
The America I believe in does NOT do these kinds of things!
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