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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our Solders Apologise to the Iraqi People then say it is American Governments War Policy's Fault

Josh Stieber,Ethan McCord,both former specialist of the U.S. Army are two of the ones who were in the Wikileaks vid below. They were doing the slaughter and the commentary on the slaughter. Now they have had three years to reflect on their actions and now they are sorry that they behaved so badly.

Their letter is moving and does tell us something very important regarding our American military machine.
I read the apology and couldn't figure out why I was SOOOO annoyed.
So I thought about it. Then I thought about it some more.
Then it hit me.
Why did those solders NOT understand that this was wrong?
How could you not know this I wondered?
What the solders say is VERY profound.
They stated that "They were taught by the military to carry out war in Iraq this way"

For whatever reason this letter was written it lets us 'We The People" know the truth about what is happening in our name worldwide.

The name of the game is "Profit and Control" by Corporations for the Resources that matter to any country. Civilians apparently are very expendable in that rush to control these resources.
Our world is at peak oil now. This means that whatever they get in the future from oil production will be less and less.

Most of American business are now outsourced to other countries.

Resource control is ALL American BZ seems to have left to be on the world market.

They ( The Corporate BZ World) seem to have painted themselves into a corner as the saying goes.

So control of remaining resources is vital in the minds of those who rule.

What do you people think "protecting our national interests" means?

Why do you think NATO is involved?
9/11 was a False Flag Operation and the 'War on Terror" is used as an excuse to take us to Iraq and where ever else we need to be in that region or the world to control the remaining natural resources those regions have.

Afghanistan is rich in other natural resources besides oil and natural gas.

There is Rubies,Sapphires,coal, and more in those Afghanistan mountains.

Why do you think Russia wanted it?

The suicide rate of our solders is unbelievable and those two solders who wrote this letter have given us a glimpse into a part of the "why" the suicide rate of our solders is so high.

They are correct when they say that our government no longer represents the values of 'We The People" I am not certain they ever did.It is way past time for a new paradigm regarding our governments policies worldwide. I am glad this letter is out in the public however I am appalled that they or other's of American solders in Iraq or any other place in the world just did not know that this mass killing spree is and was wrong!

Are they telling us that they have no spirituality? No religion? No home training? They had no way of knowing that this was wrong?

Is this how most people are ? Are they believing it's OK to behave barbarically if someone is declared an enemy or someone is not standing right there telling them no?

Just where do those people put their humanity (Did they ever have any?) while they are blindly following orders, or carrying out military policies to do something that they should know in their heart and soul is wrong!

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