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Monday, September 20, 2010

Is BP, Homeland Security and /or Obama's Oil Spill Commission intimidating scientists?

Written By FaithRMichaels
Is Homeland Security and /or Obama's Oil Spill Commission intimidating scientists?
That answer is YES!

This is an open letter to BP, Obama's Oil spill commission and Homeland Security

How can it be illegal for scientists to obtain water samples?
As anyone ever heard of such a thing?
Logiclly if you are going to test something then one has to have samples of what you are testing.
It appears that Homeland security does not want legitimate samples taken.

It seems that the only samples allowed to be taken are those that conform to the "all is well"scenario that Homeland Security is placing forth.

Well it seems to me that All is NOT well.
This is becoming clearer and clearer all the time.

First scientists have to have a "permit" to obtain samples.
Then their samples are confiscated.
SEE Proof here
and here
Many scientist are speaking out regarding the confiscation of their water,soil and insect samples by Homeland Security agents.

It is glaring obvious as to who has control of our government.

It is NOT WE The People.

Homeland Security when asked by the scientists why their samples are being confiscated ;

are told that it is a matter of National Security.

Our BP bosses will be mad at us if we allow anything that is bad PR for BP to get out.

So who is in control of America?

Obviously the corporations are.
How else could BP ignore the EPA when the EPA said NO COREXIT?
They sprayed that toxic mess that is banned in many other countries in the world anyway.
BP ignored the EPA because they knew they could.

Well I have news for those corporations and Homeland Security.
Listen up and pay attention .

You are wasting your time and your money attempting to hide that damage you have wrought.

A child can tell you that this " PR effort" is NOT going to work.

All you have managed to do is let everyone in the world know that you are hiding the real damage done.

If all you care about is the court systems and lawsuits then you people are clearly ignorant..
We do not have to have court cases won you dumbasses to know what is up.

What are you going to do; stay at the beaches the rest of your lives?

Only the dumbest among us are going to go to those beaches.

No matter what you say.

Do you plan on arresting parents and their children for building sandcastles or sand art?

Perhaps you will just ban such a thing or limit it to your however many inches.

Think that is good for the tourism industry?

People come to the beaches to let their kids play in the sand and the water you imbecilic morons!

Are you People in the Homeland security Bz and in BP PR campaigns so naive as to think that we can't figure out what happening when you try so very hard to hide it?

AS we say in the South..HONEY PUULEESE.
Guess what?

We are not gonna buy the seafood...(that is if their is any left due to the corexit)

and we are NOT going to come and frolic in dispersant contaminated waters!
see proof here

Massive fish kills are not a good sign of healthy water you disinfo dumbasses!

Nor is it a healthy sign of all is well when the facts are that you are taking away legitimate samples collected by legitimate scientists.

By the way you BP,Homeland Security automatons: just because one does not have a "permit" does not make a sample collected by a scientist illegitimate.

Oh and one last thing We are NOT going to buy from BP or their affiliates.

As far as I am concerned their is no amount of money that BP can pay to fix this.
Just in case you do not get the reason why let me spell it out for you.
We the People can get over a OOPS MY BAD but lying like it is a religion is unacceptable!
Especially when that lying is covering up massive death and risking serious health harm to many!
A dear friend of mine is fond of saying this;
" If you want to know what is going on ...then follow the dead bodies... because dead bodies never lie to you",
and you people have left a death trail  of animal bodies and human illnesses so big a blind person could see it!

 Exxon may have gone on with their profits after the Valdez incident but they did not get any of it from me and neither will BP.
 Won't you join me please and help send them a clear message?
Talking with your wallet is all they understand!

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