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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nigeria: Make torture a crime now!

Imagine spending the last eight years in jail for a crime you confessed to under torture; after police beat you, shot you in the hand, and hung you up in a cell for hours. Your forced confession has been used to sentence you to death.

This is the life of Moses Akatugba, who was charged with stealing three phones and other items, and his treatment reflects how torture is used across Nigeria: as the main tactic for extracting information from suspects in police and military custody.

Sign our petition now calling for the Nigerian government to pass a bill into law criminalizing torture.

Nigeria has a historic opportunity to pass a bill against torture and make it a crime, before the National Assembly is dissolved with the February 2015 elections. The Nigerian Constitution prohibits torture, as does international human rights law - but this is not enough, and victims deserve justice.

Help us stop torture in Nigeria and make sure no one else suffers like Moses, at the hands of torturers.
Sign the petition urging the Nigerian Assembly to make torture a crime.

Many thanks,

Danny Vannucchi,
Stop Torture campaigner

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