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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They Will Come Speaking In My Name

I was visiting George Washintons blog. His blog is one of the blogs on "my blogs I follow" list ; I read an article on President Bush and Tony Blair regarding their beliefs on going to war in Iraq and the war on terror.Those two are justifying their abominable actions as "Gods will" -" a moral cause to bring on the apocalypse".
The more I read, the more outraged I became,at the pompous sociopath arrogance of those supposed "Christians" parading themselves around as "Gods Chosen" to do battle with the "EVIL" That would "come from the North" "and destroy Israel" unless stopped.
(here's a thought for ya:: we are now occupying Iraq which is North of Israel)
Here is another thought: What made those pompous arrogant sociopaths think that God meant for them to stop this "Evil from the north" with war?
How is it Ok to bring on 911 and declare a war on terror???????
How is it OK to torture people????
I am a student of the Bible and many other religious works around the globe. I have read the Bible from cover to cover many times and while my memory will not let me quote chapter and verse their is not ANYTHING in there that I do not have a good idea about what and where people are quoting from.
The statement that really got to me was this one,
"they were to bring on the apocalypse"
I thought about these wannabe Christians like G.W.Bush and T.Blair and thought about Jesus and his teachings.
I have a few questions.
Where does Jesus say in the Bible that it is OK to slaughter your enemies, invade countries,and use his name to do it in????
Where did Jesus say it was Ok to Kill in the name of God????
Where did Jesus say ANYTHING about war being OK??
Christians are followers of Jesus Christ and Jesus is universally accepted among Christians as THE CHRIST,"The only begotten son of God".
Last time I read Jesus's teachings THIS is what I read-
"They will come speaking in my name and say Lo, he is here or lo, he is there but pay them no heed for they be wolves in sheep's clothing, No man knows the hour that I cometh for that is determined by my Father which is in Heaven:"
(This is not an exact quote since I pull from memory but it is close enough)
Also Jesus said: "Love thy enemies,be good to them that spitefully curse and abuse you" Then there is this statement that Jesus said: "love thy neighbor as thyself",Jesus also said:"Turn the other cheek".
I believe the term "holy wars" is in direct conflict with these statements of Jesus.
Imagine! Christians in Jihad!
While Jesus did say that "he came not to bring peace but the sword" I feel quite confident in the presumption that Jesus did not appoint G.W.Bush or T.Blair or any other twisted mind to act in his name regarding this statement.
Jesus is claimed by the Christians to be "Gods Voice and instrument upon this Earth" and "God in the flesh".
Well it is clear to me that what Jesus taught was clearly about Gods love!!!!
According to Christian Beliefs,Jesus was sent here to show man the Correct way to honor God .
Jesus NEVER said ANYTHING about Killing others in Gods name as a way to spread Christian beliefs so that the world would be better off.
As a matter of fact Jesus told his disciples that they were to go town to town teaching and if that teaching was rejected then the disciples were told to not tarry there in that town but move on shaking the dust of that town from their feet.
Now there have been many people through-out time that have perverted the Bible to their own ends and used the Biblical Teachings to "act in the name of God" in an ungodly manner. These perverse Actions WERE CLEARLY SPOKE AGAINST AND CONDEMED BY JESUS!!!! Christian Beliefs say Jesus was THE WAYSHOWER .
Popes,Kings,Queens and serial killers, have used the Bible to justify torture,burning at the stake,mass killings,wars,psychological torment,cruel punishing judgement,along with many other evils calling it "following Gods will" "destined by God" or some other unholy,irrational,sick minded,brain twisted,crap!!!!!!
Always these twisted ,sick minds have quoted Biblical scripture to back themselves up in a pathetic attempt to justify what they knew in their souls was wrong!!
(here is another quote from the bible:
"He who lives by the sword, Dies by the sword"
The Bible is full of beautiful words like these: "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth"
I do not know what part of the Bible these clearly demented minds called themselves reading, but it is crystal clear they conveniently ignored the many,many verses that spoke AGAINST KILLING!!
To those who would use the Bible to justify tormenting and or killing another soul on this earth in some crazy Christian Jihad quest, I have a question for you.
What Part of THOU SHALL NOT KILL did You not understand?????

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