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Friday, May 29, 2009

Ex CIA Agents Tell Their Stories

The CIA formed after World War 2 has been involved in it's own idea of keeping us safe ever since. Above is one in a series of vids where ex- CIA agents tell their stories. This is bone chilling and the vids are not for the squeamish.
What we have here is the shadow government of America involving our soldiers in abominations that the CIA claims makes us safe in the world.
I claim that they are the reason we are in peril in the world.
I claim that the CIA is the REAL reason we are hated in the world.
Using the age old adage the ends justify the means the CIA commits torture and assassinations all in the name of us WE The American People.
All of these horrors were/are done in the name of fighting Communism and these days the name of fighting Terrorists.
EVERYTHING the CIA has done has placed American citizens and soldiers in peril around the world.
Now I am sure they would argue that because of these deeds we are safer in the world today.They would say that Fear of retribution is the only way to remain safe in a world of cold bloodied people who would destroy everything we have worked as Americans to build. While I can understand this mentality I cannot agree with it and after all these years of run-amok CIA policies we are more in danger in the world than ever. I claim that the people who run the CIA have demented minds and their souls are lost judging by what these ex-agents are telling us.
The CIA was a good idea in the beginning but corruption has stolen it's soul.
It appears to have been taken over by some kind of fascist,power mad, demented people.
It seems that absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely.
I would say their way of doing things is ineffective judging by what has and is going on in the world today.
I will also say that If these kinds of actions is what supposedly keeps me safe- I do not want it. Please do not kill anyone else or torture anyone else to keep me or mine "safe". I would rather die with honor than live in dishonor after trading my humanity away and damning my soul for a few extra years of life.

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